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Doug Heir / The Athlete

Doug Heir has exemplified the words strength courage and ability on and off the playing field. Few people in the World of sports have achieved the success that Doug has accomplished. In the World of Sports, Doug has earned the title numerous times in the 1-B Division as “The World’s Greatest Wheelchair Athlete and as “The World’s Strongest Wheelchair Athlete”. Doug has been a 67 time National Champion, a 32 time Olympic, Paralympic, & World Champion. He has been the National. World. & Olympic Champion & Record Holder for over 17 years. Doug has already won over 290 Gold Medals. Amazingly, he has won 236 Gold Medals in a row, without a single defeat. Doug has won more Gold Medals than any man on Earth. Before Doug retires from sports, he will have won over 300 Gold Medals - an amazing milestone for history.

Doug has competed in the past 5 Olympic/Paralympic World Championships including 1984, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, 1992 in Barcelona Spain, 1996 in Atlanta, and 2000 in Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, Doug had the great honor to compete in front of a crowd of 70,000 people, breaking the World an Olympic Record and bringing the Medals home to America. Doug was selected as the Captain of the 2000 U.S. Olympic/Paralympic Track and Field Team in Australia with the World’s Greatest Athletes. His success at the 2000 Olympic/Paralympics makes him the only person in History to ever break the World and Olympic Record and win Medals in five consecutive Olympic/Paralympics. This summer 2002, Doug competed throughout America and in Europe winning 13 Gold medals and breaking new records. Doug will be a favorite to bring home the Gold Medals from the 2004 Olympic/Paralympics in Greece.

Among Doug’s successes, CBS-TV acclaimed Doug as ‘The World’s Most Accomplished & Diversified Athlete”. NBC-TV acclaimed Doug’s “The World’s Most Decorated Athlete”. Doug has one of the highest & rarest honors in the sporting world, as the featured cover athlete on millions of boxes of Wheaties cereal “The Breakfast Of Champions “, joining history’s greatest sports legends, including Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gerhing. The Associated Press titled Doug as “America’s Most Visible Wheelchair Athlete”. The International Jaycees selected Doug from all the people in the World, as “The Outstanding Young Person of the World”. From a selection of tens of millions of graduates in the United States, Doug was selected as “America’s Distinguished Alumnus of the Year” by the Presidents of America’s State Colleges & Universities.

Doug is Member of the HEALTHSOUTH Sports Medicine Council joining today’s greatest athletes in professional sports, helping children throughout America. The “Go For It Road Show”, is a multi-million dollar production, presented free to students. To date, millions of students have attended the show. Doug is truly honored to serve as a Corporate Spokesperson for HEALTHSOUTH for over 13 years.

As the United States President stated, Doug is a true living hero & a great champion of life to millions of people throughout the World. Doug Heir will be written in history books as a man that has made a significant impact throughout the World in improving the quality of life and in helping people be the best they can be.


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Doug Heir
702 Park Boulevard
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 488-1702
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