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Profesional Speaker Topics, Programs & Seminars

A. Doug’s speaking background and career

Over the past thirty years, Doug has motivated, inspired, educated and helped millions of people throughout America and Worldwide. Doug has addressed every type of audience, from a small personalized group to an audience of tens of thousands of people. From young to old, from successful corporate leaders to aspiring college students, Doug has become famous worldwide for his powerful presentations

B. Topics and Titles

Below Are 50 Of Doug’s Most Popular Topics For Speeches And Seminars.
Doug Is Recognized As One Of The World’s Greatest Professional Speakers And Motivators.
Over The Past 30 Years, Doug Has Delivered Speeches To Over 2 Million People.
From The Largest Corporation To Schools, Doug’s Messages Have Been
Celebrated Throughout The World, Changing And Motivating People Forever.

50 Of Doug’s Most Popular Presentation Topics
(Select Individually Or Combine Any Topics)

1. How To Be The Very Best You Can Be
2. No More Excuse - It’s Time to Change For The Better
3. If It Is To Be - It Will Be Up To Me
4. If I Can Believe It - I Can Achieve It
5. How To Get What You Really Want
6. Learning How To Make Every Day Count - Being More Productive
7. How To Improve The Quality Of Your Life
8. Learning How To Be A Winner In Life
9. How To Succeed In A World Of Challenges
10. Learning The Art Of Happiness And Success
11. Waking The Sleeping Giant Within
12. Discovering The Champion In You
13. Learning How To Overcome Obstacles & Set Backs
14. Finding The Courage To Be A Champion
15. Motivating Yourself To Be More Successful
16. Learning The 4 Keys - Dedication, Desire, Loyalty, And Commitment
17. The Art Of Successful Selling And Negotiating
18. I’ve Got The Power - Learn How To Capture It And Keep It
19. I Can Do Anything - Believe In Yourself And Soar High
20. Life Is Good - Learning To Make Everyday Count
21. Where Are You Headed - A Guide To Improving Your Life
22. Never Surrender To A Challenge
23. Ingredients Of Being A Winner
24. Goal Setting, Stress Reduction, And/Or Time Management
25. Personal Development Workshops For Maximum Achievement
26. Self Analysis And Profile – Are You Living To Your Potential
27. In Search Of A Better Tomorrow
28. Personal Empowerment
29. Finding Your Zone For Success
30. Total Fitness For The Mind And Body - The Ultimate Workout
31. Learning How To Be More Than You Have Ever Been
32. Your Hard Work Makes The Difference - Thank You
33. Team Work - Pulling Together For Success
34. Because Of You - We Are The Best
35. Learning To Live Again
36. Appreciating Your Occupation And Loving What You Do
37. Overcoming Burnout, Procrastination, And A Lack Of Desire
38. Pushing The Past Behind And Looking To The Future
39. Improving Your Self Esteem And Attitude
40. The Art Of Problem Solving
41. Welcoming Change And New Opportunities
42. Understanding Human Differences – Diversity In The 21st Century
43. Disability Awareness
44. Wellness Programs
45. Stopping The Violence - A Time For Peace
46. Drug And Alcohol Abuse - A Course In Failure
47. Discovering Your Strengths And Reducing Your Weaknesses
48. Legal Topic - Reducing Accident And Lawsuits In The Workplace Legal Topic
49. Legal Topic – Avoiding Common Lawsuits In Your Business And Profession
50. Today Is Your First Day Of Your Life - Go For It!

C. Sample of Doug Heir’s presentations

1. Finding the strength within- you have the power

Have questions? Need help?

You can contact Doug Heir at:
Doug Heir
702 Park Boulevard
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 488-1702
(877) NOW-DOUG


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